Airbnb Cleaning

You may have seen “Four in a bed” the programme that pits B&B owners against each other and judge each other’s establishments for cleanliness, comfort etc. Well there will be many a contestant who wishes that they had asked Quicker Cleaners to get them ahead of the game. Our Airbnb cleaning is legendary and leaves everything spotless and ready for use, and with a really fast turn around too. Remember all our cleaning products are as kind as they can be to the environment. We know that your reputation depends on the clean that we do and that is why our customers come back to us and stay with us because they know that they can depend on a Quicker Cleaners clean.

Office Cleaning

The Quicker Cleaners office cleaning service is a reliable and thorough cleaning that will get your office staff off to a clean start every morning. We will make sure that we do the work we need to do without disturbing anything else in the office. We are working while you aren’t to keep your premises clean and hygienic. We use mostly eco-friendly products and that makes them toxin free without harsh and harmful chemicals. We do not believe that our staff should be exposed to any potential hazards that might damage their health, and your team can be safe in the knowledge that when they are back at work they are not exposed to any cleaning products that might have been linked to allergies or respiratory problems. We simply will not take the risk!

Weekly domestic house cleaning

These days life is very busy for all of us and that is why so many people prefer to leave the basics to us. Our house cleaning service is an affordable way to keep the house clean and those chores done leaving you time to do the things you want to and come home to a clean house. Our three person teams will make short work of your cleaning, maintaining high standards throughout.

Spring cleaning

The spring clean is something that we all feel we have to do every year, or even more often if our homes have a lot of people in them. More and more people are realising the benefits of having Quicker Cleaners do their spring-cleaning for them. We get into every nook and cranny and make sure that we go up high and down low so that no cobweb or dust bunny has anywhere left to hide. Using products that are kind to the environment we are always aware of the contents of our cleaning materials and try to make them as safe as possible.

Oven Cleaning

Our oven-cleaning arm, will take care of your oven cleaning as well as cooker hoods, hobs, microwaves and barbeques. We know that these jobs are some of the nastiest and the ones that you always push to the bottom of the ‘to do’ list but our oven cleaners love ‘em! To them a dirty oven is a challenge – their Everest! Challenge us today to get your oven sparkling like new!

End of Tenancy cleaning


This type of clean is different to others, in that money depends on it! Your deposit is at stake! We know that this kind of clean, although it may seem easier with furniture often removed, is a critical one and one that combines various elements of our service. Our SWAT cleaning teams work alongside our oven cleaning arm Oven Lover and our specialist carpet cleaners so that the landlords inspection goes like a dream and your deposit is back in your pocket.


For those landlords who find themselves with an un-cleaned property after a tenant has moved out we can help them restore the property to being rental ready without the stress that comes with having to do that yourself. Our cleaning teams will have everything from the oven to the carpets cleaned ready for your next tenant. Command the top rent with a Quicker Cleaners clean.

Carpet cleaning

The Quicker Cleaners carpet cleaning service is very popular with homeowners and with landlords and tenants. There is nothing like the smell of a freshly cleaned carpet (was it really always that colour?) and this is one way that you can instantly freshen up your rooms and make the house feel like new.


Another job that is not a favourite is ironing. Whether it is shirts for work or bed linen Quicker Cleaners will be able to take more stress out of your life by doing the ironing. Watch that colossal pile of ironing shrink as our ironers do the best job of putting the pep back in your togs. If you are running an Airbnb we will be ready to take those sheets and laundry and get it back on the beds in no time.

We love to clean, and it shows. Tell us about your cleaning needs and we will send you an estimate.